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    Le Chamonix Social Club

    The Chamonix Social Bar located in the Heart of the Rue des Moulins is certainly worth a visit. Amazing Cocktails chilled environment which works its way up throughout the evening with super cool music and a vibe created that is distinguishable and vibrantly cool..

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  • Snell Sports Chamonix Mt Blanc

    SNELL SPORTS PERFORMANCE, TRUST AND RELIABILITY SKI • MOUNTAINEERING • CLIMBING • HIKING • TRAIL RUNNING • TREKKING Snell Sports is an iconic name in the mecca of extreme mountain sports, Chamonix. We thoroughly select the best brands and equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience in the m

  • Cafe Bluebird

    Full English breakfast, breakfast rolls and bagel options; homemade muffins and cakes. Lunch at Cafe Bluebird offers healthy sandwiches and wraps, baked potatoes and satisfying salad options. Great service in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Restaurant Casa Valerio

    Our head chef, Valerio, prepares a lot of dishes from his own recipes as well as traditional Italian meals. He offers surprises: rare varieties of mushroom, fresh fish-specialities, seasonal vegetables and our amazing pizzas.

  • Le Cap Horn

    Le Cape Horn – Contemporary restaurant (The seafood and the Savoyard specialties) / Le Cap Blanc – world cuisine – sushi bar / Les Caves du Pèle – night pub (cocktails and prestige wines.)

  • Munchie

    The Munchie has become one of the valley’s most popular restaurants. New school food, with the flavours of Asia in a classic dish. Friendly and young atmosphere. There is always a new paintings exposition. Please call for reservations.


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